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Mechanical Testing of Rubber

The regular standard climate for the conditioning and testing of plastic and rubber is 23 2 C with a relative humidity (RH) of 50 5%. Other climatic conditions are applied in special contexts. When the requirements of climate control are stricter, the tolerances are decreased to 1 C and 2% RH Polymer materials adapt gradually to changes, sometimes so slowly that the memory of the earlier state remains in the material. Particularly, this applies to the memory of the manufacturing process from raw material to end product. This must be kept in mind when decoding test results. Climate chamber for conditioning of test pieces. (Photo: Binder) The resistance of a polymer material to an imposed deformation frequently relies on the deformation rate. If the deformation is extremely slow, the material can flow like a liquid, almost without resistance. If the deformation is extremely fast, many materials react elastically, that is to say the reactive forces are proportional to the size of the deformation. The biggest risks in preparation of test pieces are that Children's school defects may occur as a result of handling. In that case, the test results will mirror the preparation instead of the object tested.

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